C-option ignoring run commands

I am using the -c option with netlify dev but it’s still notifying me of multiple possible run commands. Is this normal? It feels like it’s just ignoring the -c altogether.

node_modules/.bin/netlify dev -c "yarn develop:gatsby" -p 8000
◈ Netlify Dev ◈
? Multiple possible start commands found (Use arrow keys or type to search)
❯ [create-react-app] yarn start 
  [create-react-app] yarn serve 
  [gatsby] yarn start 
  [gatsby] yarn develop 
  [gatsby] yarn develop:gatsby 

Hi @richtera, it looks like it’s asking you which start command to use. Have you tried specifying the command in your netlify.toml?

Yes both -c and command = in the toml file are broken. Instead it always looks through the list of possible commands and asks the user to specify one. There is a ticket inside of your repo https://github.com/netlify/cli/issues/410

Thanks. I’ve mentioned the issue to the team and they should communicate there with any details once they have them.

I also found the _redirect file support is not working for JWT secrets. It doesn’t allow you to specify it although it defaults to ‘secret’ but sending a JWT token signed with ‘secret’ doesn’t seem to work. In addition the path to look for roles cannot be configured and is missing inside of the call to rulesProxy({ publicFolder: settings.dist })

Thanks for sharing that @richtera!