Bypass monorepo detection in cli

Im trying to do a manual deploy using the netlify cli from within a monorepo. I’m passing in a directory and site id explicitly. For example: pnpm exec netlify deploy --dir="./some-dir" --site=XXX

but no matter what I do, the cli seems to be detecting I’m in a monorepo and trying to “help” me…

With a message saying We've detected multiple sites inside your repository
and asking me to pick one of my folders.

I’ve also tried passing in the NETLIFY_SITE_ID via an env var.

Is there any way to bypass the monorepo detection?

The correct command is --filter and not --dir: Netlify CLI deploy command

In this case, I do not wish to deploy one of my monorepo packages, I wish to deploy another arbitrary directory. Now I can see that the workaround would be to give my folder a package.json and make it appear to be one a monerepo child package and select it that way… but it’s definitely not ideal.