Bulma Image Carousel Not Working - Can't find files in node_modules

Hi all, I’ve just published my site to https://mystifying-poincare-6ad044.netlify.app/, and the Image Carousel (which was working on my local server) is no longer working.

The console errors I’m getting say: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () for both the css and js file that’s needed to make the carousel work and I’m not sure why these resources aren’t loading.

Is anyone able to help?



I get a 404 to your app so cannot help in debugging.

Apologies, I changed the url since yesterday and forgot to update.

It’s now: https://temp-eponym.netlify.app/

Do you have a link to the code repo?

Sure, it’s: https://github.com/jacobcollinsdev/eponym

Looks like you deploy raw code, no build step so there would be no node modules on Netlify to get. You could use the CDN such as: https://www.jsdelivr.com/package/npm/bulma-carousel to get the needed js?

Okay, thanks for checking it out. I’m confused though because I have a scss file that references some files in the Bulma folder inside node_modules. If there aren’t any node modules, how is the css being rendered?

What build mode would I have to specify for this to work? If I have no luck getting it to work with node modules then I’ll use the CDN.

Hey, so I havent looked too deep into this hopefully you’re able to sort it However, since you’re using sass you probably run node-sass and output your files as css and that css might include your sass imported code as it was run locally? Not 100% certain here though!