Builds timing out after gatsby-adapter-netlify stores Gatsby cache

Since recently updating the gatsby-adapter-netlify package in my package.json, builds have been timing out at the gatsby-adapter-netlify step. Here is an example:

5:57:58 PM: info Done building in 2570.988446481 sec
5:58:34 PM: info [gatsby-adapter-netlify] Stored the Gatsby cache to speed up future builds. :fire:
6:45:04 PM: Failed during stage “building site”: Command did not finish within the time limit
6:45:04 PM: Execution timed out after 1h30m0.217058834s
6:45:04 PM: Failing build: Failed to build site
6:45:04 PM: Finished processing build request in 1h31m38.812s

Previously I had ^1.0.1 of gatsby-apapter-netlify specified in the package.json file. I updated some packages including this one and that’s when the trouble started. I’ve tried deleting it and downgrading it and few if any builds have successfully completed.

Prior to this, that step seems to have been typically taking ~25 minutes, so it was already taking a good chunk of time. But now builds are timing out and I’m struggling to get a single build through.

Hi @jamesrotering,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear about the issue with increased build times. I’ve increased the build time limit to 2 hours. Could you try building again and let us know if you’re still having issues?

Thanks. I thought we had previously been bumped up to 2 hours but I guess it was at 90 minutes?

I think I’m possibly on to a solution. We had previously been using gatsby-plugin-netlify AND gatsby-adapter-netlify, and I think there’s some growing incompatibility between the two. Updating gatsby-adapter-netlify seems to have exacerbated that incompatibility. The adapter seems to have taken over the caching step, and is taking an absurdly long time to complete.

I’m in the process of reverting all relevant packages to the versions they were at a couple weeks ago - I thought I’d already tried that but it looks like I missed gatsby-plugin-netlify. I’m hoping this restores previous build successes.

Do let us know how that goes! Hoping this resolves it for you.