Builds stopped reporting mixed content

Recently (around 3 days ago) our CI builds have stopped reporting the mixed-content check. All the builds have the status “Expected - Waiting for status to be reported”


We didn’t make any changes that would cause mixed content errors.

The site is

How do we get this check to start reporting again?


I observed the same problem in my project today.

This check hangs and does not complete over here either:

I decided to remove the check. It was hanging the CI/CD, I could find neither documentation nor the code for it, and by the nature of the app itself, all of its resource links are always relative, so there will never be mixed content anyway. Despite this, the principle of Chesterton’s Fence gave me some reluctance to remove it and if I ever need to add it back I will be at a loss as to how to do that.

That said, if you feel the need to remove the check, go to your GitHub repo, then Settings => Branches => Branch protection rules => {your branch} => Edit => Status checks that are required and then click the “X” next to Mixed content.

I did take a look inside the Netlify org repositories"Mixed%20content"&type=code and did not find much.

This is mentioned here:

Please read! Deprecation of post-processing asset optimization - Features / Updates - Netlify Support Forums, specifically:

You can disable it in GitHub by going to: Settings → Branches → select protected branch → “Require status checks to pass before merging”