Builds: Purchase extra concurrent builds from the Netlify app

Do you need several builds to run at the same time? You can now add and remove extra concurrent builds for your team right from the Netlify app.

Team members with the Owner role on a Pro plan can adjust the number of extra build machines for their team by visiting the Builds tab and selecting the Manage build capacity button.

Owners on a Starter plan can select the Manage build capacity button to upgrade from Starter to Pro. This will increase their team’s build capacity and also unlock the ability to add extra concurrent builds.

Users on other plan types can contact sales to discuss a custom plan that is tailor made to suit their unique requirements.

When your build capacity is aligned with your team’s needs, you’ll spend less time waiting for builds that are “Enqueued: Awaiting Capacity” and more time innovating and iterating.

Check out the pricing page for details on the number of concurrent builds included in each plan, and the docs for information about builds usage.