Builds hanging without end or error messages since 10 AM

Since around 10 AM, builds on site 671a8038-3e65-4b73-a97e-dae8c3cfdb3d have not completed. They seem to hang without timing out and without an error message in the logs. I’ve left them going for 40 minutes before canceling. Typical build time is around 8 minutes. I checked Netlify Status and noticed it says “service is under maintenance.” Is this an outage? I’ve tried canceling and retrying several times but now starting to thing it is an outage or possibly third party API which is having issues. Shopify and Sanity are the two main APIs used during the build but both services official status pages don’t list any issues now. Thanks for your help!

Build log: Netlify App

The build issues resolved at the end of the day. I’m thinking t must have been a service disruption with one of the external APIs, either Sanity or Shopify.

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