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Builds failing since Friday — Invalid AWS Lambda parameters [URGENT] [ENTERPRISE]

Hi we are an enterprise client, and once again are experiencing out-of-no-where next/js build failures due to: Invalid AWS Lambda parameters. Reserved keys used in this request despite the fact we have not added added or modified any env vars.

First broken build (triggered by a product updated webhook): 614da864404bc3000792cd89
Last working build: 614da43913b7f2ae82b9dca5

This is pretty urgent. Thanks for your help!

Hi there, @jpprietobaez :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. I want to let you know that I have escalated this thread to our Support Team and we will follow up shortly. Thank you.

Hi @jpprietobaez,

Thanks for your patience. I am confirming that our Support Team is aware of your issue and that it has been escalated to our Helpdesk. As an enterprise customer, you have access to our Helpdesk support feature. I recommend submitting Helpdesk tickets for all urgent matters moving forward, as you account level will make sure it receives appropriate prioritization.

Stay tuned to your email! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @hillary, thanks for getting in touch. The issue seems to have been resolved somehow last night. We really have anything else to try and that was the worrying part. Thanks for the helpdesk head up. I will use that next time.


great, we are glad and relieved to hear this too! we’ll keep an eye out for you in the helpdesk in the future.