Building LFS locally?

I am looking into adopting netlify, specifically lfs, to accommodate pictures and need help understanding how to develop a site locally. I realize there is the cli command netlify dev, but I suspect it does not replicate how the pointer system works. Is there an alternative command I should use?

I’m planning on modifying Hugo shortcodes that call upon the image pointers and I don’t want the development to be endless git pushes to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

My site is here

I’d suggest that you should use git lfs and not our Large Media service which is harder to configure and impossible for you to deconfigure.

I don’t have a good general tutorial for using LFS, but I think you understand that already. Our LFS support will work with any git provider. To use it here, you need to set one or two variables as described in the last two bullet points in this section of our docs:

Then instead of running “git pull …” to get your code, we’ll run “git lfs pull …” and it should work as you’re expecting.