Building JSON and Netlify Large File Storage

Hi there :wave:t3:
I’m using netlify to build and deploy Jekyll website.

When I’m using a {{page.image}} into a template, the result is well compiled from the data contained into the markdown and my image file stored on NLM is served :ok_hand:t3:
But when I’m using a JSON or yaml in _data as a source, nothing is replaced during the build process.

Any idea?

My netlify instance:

Hmm, no specific ideas based on that description, other than I know that jekyll has some strong opinions on what data lives where at build time (so if you have _redirects in your _site directory, it will get reformatted in a way that breaks it).

First question in debugging is does it work as you expect when building locally? If so, have you synced versions between your local and our service (see for some ruby relevant details)?

Hello @fool, thanks for the quick answers,

So, strangely I checked locally and the picture where missing too. But in a different way. Some relative path error. Which I fixed and now in production it works too, the pictures url are changed with their NLM equivalent.

Thanks for the clue :wink: