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Building Fail with Time Out Error at 17 mins but on Pro Plan

Hi Guys,

looking for a bit of help and have contacted Netlify to no avail. Can anyone advise how the time out error can be fixed… we’re on the Pro Plan, but we have been getting the below error all week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - complete newby here but hoping someone can help!

hey there, i see your ticket in the helpdesk - in the meantime:

Our default timeout for builds is 15 minutes - if you want, we can bump up your build timeout to 30 mins so you can at least get a build up, then maybe we can troubleshoot with you if this seems like it is unexpectedly long.

if yes, can you tell me which site name this is regarding?

Hi Perry, thank you for your response. It’s www.maca.net.au and we would be appreciative if you please, we have a few pieces we really need to publish.
Thanks so much for your help!

hey there,

we have bumped that site up to 30 mins now.

Hi Perry, thanks for that. We are still having errors to rebuild, is there any advice Netlify can provide on the below?

From the screenshot, it’s a little tricky. The important bit (the actual error) is above this section. You’ll want to check out this guide for what to check out!

Still struggling? Share the deploy ID and we can take a look.

Can you please assist in where the deploy ID is that you need? I’ve screenshot the above error thread

If you can provide url where you are seeing the deploy logs. Once we have the url, we can take a look directly.

That said, from your screenshot, it looks like there is a graphQL query error. I’m not familiar with your code but it seems specific to the ‘featured_product_option’ field not existing. There are some advice in the log that should help you troubleshoot your code.