Building a ButterCMS site... "error obtaining VCS status: exit status 128"

Hi All,

Hoping someone can shed some light.

I have a ButterCMS example distribution based on Go (go1.20.4) and Hugo (v0.112.5-48e33e10af2feb2a0e1c32d04880ed016619f2d8+extended). Site name

Our web site used to work just fine deploying to Netlify.

At some point over the last few weeks, it’s stopped working properly. By that, I mean that the Google Templating Code doesn’t seem to be running properly. In the templates where the output from the code should be are simply blank spots.

I’ve tried --debug --verbose as arguments to hugo, but it’s only basic output that I see. No errors that are related to the Google Templating Language working.

There’s one error when go code tries to reach a website to get dynamic information for inclusion in the static pages, but that’s not working either.

Anyone run into this? Anyone have a fix?


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