Build Time Limit

Hello everyone. Is there a way in which I could extend the time limit on each build? I understand the time for the build is 15mins, but I’m having very complex/long queries that obviously need more than 15mins to get built.

Locally when running gatsby build it takes around 14mins so I guess it will take longer in Netlify.


Hey @Annertech,

We can up the build times to 30 minutes, per site or for your whole team. We only ask that Starter users have billing details on record (as you’re more likely to exceed the Starter plan limitations with a increased time limit)! :star2:

If you want us to go ahead with that, drop me your site name(s) or team name (bearing in mind the billing tidbit). :+1:

Hi @Pie, we activated the Pro Tier, so I guess the billing bit is covered by that, isn’t it?

The site name is: cfurn

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I’ve upped that to 30 minutes for you! You’re bang on the money about being on Pro, too. All sorted. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :smiley:.

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot now, will ping you back if something else needed. Thanks for the quick response

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Hi @Pie sorry to bother you again. Currently I’m having this issue after triggering the build again:

Failed during stage 'deploying site': Failed to execute deploy: Put context deadline exceeded


We’ve identified the cause of the ‘context deadline exceeded’ issue and I believe we have a fix in place. Could you confirm if you are still seeing the issue by triggering a new build?

Hi Pie,
Can we get our build time increased to 30 mins? We just upgraded to pro. The site name is: tankdesign.


Ask and ye shall receive! All done, @Dan_Pearce :call_me_hand:

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