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Build Successful, Working on desktop but not on mobile

Hello everyone,

My build was successful, working on desktop. But when loaded on mobile it quickly loads and turn to blank site. Tried all popular browsers. Can someone look into this and help me with it.

Site Link: https://golorry.netlify.app/
Repo Link: https://github.com/abhishek28069/go_lorry_frontend_assignment

Thanks in advance

Hey @abhishek28069 Welcome to Netlify Community!

Have you checked this out?


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Checked it earlier, didn’t workout.
Attaching my deploy settings.

Found the culprit, it’s not netlfiy problem.
While opening the same in development mode on mobile an error popped up saying mapping over undefined variable. Weird that it only caused on mobile, wonder what’s the cause.


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Hi, @abhishek28069. Yes, Netlify serves your files exactly the same way for mobile browsers as it does for desktop browsers. We serve the same file for a URL regardless of how it is requested. This means it is impossible for Netlify to cause the issue - it must be the site code itself.

Other people may be able to troubleshoot the custom code but our technical support team does not. Custom code isn’t included in the scope of our technical support.

Your question is still welcome here and I only wanted to explain what our support team does and does not assist with. Others may answer you here even if your support team will not.

If you are using React.js, try removing React.StrictMode. It can cause such issues sometimes