Build succeeds but doesn't deploy


The build log is indicating that the build is successful, but then it sits there forever doing nothing until Netlify’s build time limit is reached and the build fails.

Snippet from the log

4:41:34 PM: Entrypoints:
4:41:34 PM:   app (380 KiB)
4:41:34 PM:       js/chunk-vendors.a896494c.js
4:41:34 PM:       css/app.42c2116a.css
4:41:34 PM:       js/app.21ab8e25.js
4:41:34 PM: Webpack Bundle Analyzer is started at
4:41:34 PM: Use Ctrl+C to close it
4:41:34 PM:   File                                      Size             Gzipped
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/chunk-vendors.a896494c.js         235.98 KiB       78.23 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/examples-typograhpy.30d7bfe2.j    18.33 KiB        1.87 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   s
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/app.21ab8e25.js                   12.20 KiB        4.95 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/examples-elements.f3e6d17f.js     6.82 KiB         1.26 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/examples-boxes.e655845d.js        3.51 KiB         0.75 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/examples-tables.7a68af38.js       1.27 KiB         0.57 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/sidebar-help.0b4bb45f.js          1.11 KiB         0.36 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/examples-forms.9a4f5cca.js        0.95 KiB         0.49 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   dist/js/examples-sidebar.81577100.js      0.67 KiB         0.45 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   dist/css/app.42c2116a.css                 131.93 KiB       19.98 KiB
4:41:34 PM:   Images and other types of assets omitted.
4:41:34 PM:  DONE  Build complete. The dist directory is ready to be deployed.
4:41:34 PM:  INFO  Check out deployment instructions at
5:12:15 PM: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime

Site id: unruffled-meninsky-fdaaac

What exactly is happening here? :confused:

Edit: Reading the log I posted myself, then I realize it might be the webpack analyzer that isn’t shut down by Netlify, and it’s just waiting for that process to end.

Edit2: It is indeed the webpack analyzer, sorry for wasting your time.

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