Build stuck on "Starting up"

So I’m trying to deploy my Next.js site, everything was working fine until my latest deploy, now the build is just stuck at “Starting up” for the past 15 minutes.

10:09:40 PM: Build ready to start

Site url:

I have tried to cancel and re deploy a few times now but no luck :frowning:

This is happening to me too. I think there’s something afoot in general, though doesn’t reflect that, yet.

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I reconfigured my deploy settings, by setting the Github repo again and it’s now up

Nevermind, if I redeploy, it gets stuck on the “Starting up” phase again

Interesting. Thanks. I re-connected Github and that fixed it for me too.

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Hey there folks, please follow along in this thread for updates pertaining to this issue! Thanks for reaching out!