[Build] Show Function Re-Packing In Build Log

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A small feature request for better visibility of Netlify Functions updates during builds. I spent a few minutes checking the source of Netlify/build and Netlify/zip-it-and-ship-it but couldn’t quite narrow down where the SHA checksum diff check is made, but as @fool mentions:


Functions are only updated when their source checksum changes. As mentioned by others too, this includes getting repackaged with ENV vars… which can be tricky if you update your ENV vars and nothing changes because you didn’t add a comment to your Function and re-deploy it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to request that a simple log message be added to the build log that calls out any/all Functions which are being rebuilt (their checksum changed). I don’t believe there’s any other way to confirm with certainty that Functions rebuilt in a fool-proof way. Perhaps something like:

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Tis a smart request and we’ve gotten a feature request to handle that filed now. We may not do it right there - might do it in the deploy summary or at the end (since I think we may not “know” not to deploy the function until we try), but we could anyway be sure if we redeployed or not by the time we stop logging :slight_smile:

Thanks Jon!

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