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Build only failing on Netlify but works on my own machine and GitHub hosted runners

I need advice to debug deploy Netlify App

The deploy (build) only fails on Netlify, but not on GitHub runners (uses ubuntu-latest) and my own computer (Windows 10)
My Netlify site is eris-guide.netlify.com

Hi @Canaris

It appears that while your config.js syntax

getExtraFields: (page) => page.headers ?? [],

mimics the example given by VuePress (albeit headers rather than frontmatter) this Nullish coalescing operator is unexpected.

If you can link to the config.js or post that section of code here others can perhaps help find a possible error.

You might do well to post on the Vue Forum too.

Here’s the link to config.js

Try wrapping the plugin and options together like this:

plugins: [
        locales: {
          '/': {
            placeholder: 'Search',
        getExtraFields: (page) => page.headers ?? [],