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Build minutes warning with no GitHub app installed

Hey, I’ve removed the Netlify app from my GitHub yesterday and I got a build miutes warning today.

Can you confirm that there’s been no builds since yesterday please?


hi spences10, welcome.

which netlify site is this regarding, please? we need to know that first before we can take a look, thanks.

I got another email, it tells me very little.

That’s all I can offer as I don’t know what is using the minutes as I’ve uninstalled the GitHub application.

So really nothing should be building as I’m not using netlify anymore.

So, there’s more - as I’m going through all the projects on app.netlify.com I’m finding projects that are being built when the settings are specifically set to not build at all.

This project built this morning: https://app.netlify.com/sites/scott-gatsby-netlify-cms/settings/deploys

Here are the settings:

So it shouldn’t be building and it shouldn’t have access to GitHub as I uninstalled the app…

So, even though I uninstalled the app on GitHub it’s still processing projects that have PRs made to them and building the projects that are specifically set to not build on new PRs

I’ve gone into the Netlify account panel and removed the GitHub connection from there too, see if that fixes it.

Hey there!

Even with the app uninstalled, the link to the repo is still there – but you know this already!

From this link, “If you want to keep your Netlify site but permanently remove the link from your site to your git repo, please share your site’s API ID in this thread and ask us to remove the assocation. There isn’t a way to do this in the UI currently, but we are happy to do it for you.”

There’s 30 plus sites on there, you want me to manually go through each site and get the id?

Can you soft block me, lock the account?

Or will it be easier to delete the account?

Hey @spences10,

It depends what you intend to do:

  • If you no longer wish to keep the sites up then deleting the sites would be the easiest thing to do.
  • If you’d like the sites to stay up but you’re not all that interested in CI/CD, consider drag and drop deploys of your sites, completely unattached to a git repo. You will need to delete the sites. Or, to achieve a similar result, you can provide us with the API IDs and each site will be left in an as-is state with no git integration from here-on-in.
  • If you want certain deploys of your sites to stop building, add [skip ci] or [skip netlify] to your commit message and these commits will be ignored by us. In fact, there’s nothing stopping you from adding this to your commits indefinitely.

Hope this helps!

I’ll be honest, I don’t want to delete the account nor do I want to go through each site and post the id.

With regard to the commits, that’ll be Renovate updating dependencies so I don’t control the commit messages.

So, as a compromise can I leave it to do whatever it’s doing, I’ll ignore the emails and live in blissful ignorance until I decide to use Netlify again?

Sounds like minimal effort on both sides.

Win win, right?

I’d say that https://docs.renovatebot.com/configuration-options/#commitmessage (and the non-deprecated iterations below this) would be minimal effort in the long-run.

It saves you having to think about whether you’re going to exceed the build minute limit of your plan each month, spares you the emails and… well, stops builds you don’t want! :smile: