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Build minutes limit, how can we increase it?


I’m testing a very basic Shopify / Gatsby on Netlify for a shop with about 10,000 products. My understanding is that there’s a 16 minute build-time limit but it might be possible to chat with someone about raising it.

We’re on the pro plan already and I’m clocking about 18 minutes for a full clean build without downloading images, and 30 minutes with images. I’m noticing that it does the full build, but then theres a timeout error during deployment, since the total build time exceeded the limit.

I’m assuming that this is the reason there’s no Netlify or Gatsby cache being saved?

Anyway, would love to chat with someone :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s possible. Failed builds don’t save cache.

The only 2 things to chat about would be:

  1. Which site is this regarding?
  2. Would a 30 min limit suffice of would you need 45 min?

Once we have the info, we can perform the upgrade.

Thanks @hrishikesh,

I also sent an email to support and they were super quick to get back and upgrade it to 30 min. Now that builds aren’t failing, both Netlify and Gatsby cache are doing a great job of bringing incremental builds down to about 5 min so far.