Build hooks on new pricing plan

Hey, hoping someone can help me here in regards to the upcoming changes to Improved workflow and new role for pricing changes

The article explains that deploys from people who aren’t users will need approving. Please could someone explain how this will affect build hooks?

We use build hooks on our headless CMS to rebuild our static sites. Will our customers still be able to do this? Or will these builds need approving too?

Approving each of these deploys is just not an option, as we have no way of knowing when our clients update their sites and how often, and we cannot have them waiting on us to deploy.

If they do require approving, is there any work around? If not we will have no choice but to leave Netlify, taking our 50 or so clients with us!

Also seems odd we never received an email explaining these changes?!

I hope someone can clear this up for me!

Just in case its useful for anyone else, I received the following from support which put my mind at ease!

If you use build hooks - these: Build hooks | Netlify Docs - then we don’t treat those as “git-initiated builds” (though we still clone your repo and build in our CI), and thus they won’t need to map to a contributor to proceed / won’t require approval. Those are of course less straightforward to setup, and less feature rich:

  1. must be manually configured;

  2. can target only one branch;

  3. will only build HEAD on that branch)