Build hook with split testing only triggers default branch

I’m running a split test between two branches, and I have a webhook trigger from Prismic.

When Prismic triggers the build, it only deploys the default branch:


I have to then manually trigger the Branch Deploy to make sure that gets updated content too.

It would be great if the build hook would trigger all branches currently being tested, so that everything gets the latest content.

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Great suggestion! We have an open feature request on that to which I’ve added your voice.

For today I’d suggest automating that - maybe have prismic trigger two webhooks since you can create a separate one for that other branch?

(or, send to a service like Zapier that could trigger both hooks for you based on a single build)

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Since you’re working with changes triggered by another system, it does seem like setting additional build hooks would be the way to go here.

In many (perhaps most) other cases, where the changes are made in Git rather than a remote API, a rebase between branches would be required before a re-deploy would be useful. (And pushing the rebased commits would trigger the new branch deploy anyway.)

Perhaps a feature that would make more sense for this particular use case would be the ability to set multiple branches to build from a single build hook. I could see this serving use cases outside of Split Testing, as well.

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Thanks @fool!

It’s been so long since I set up the original webhook, I’d forgotten you could specify a branch. Prismic lets you have multiple webhooks, so that’s all fine.


Any updates on this feature request? Or maybe a link where I can track progress of this feature request?

This is a feature we are really looking forward to use in our project. This is because we have allot of different people who can update the site and trigger a build (content updates in DatoCMS). And since a few weeks we are using the split testing feature. And now we have to remind everyone to build all the different variants which are used by the split tests when updating the website. A feature which could automate this would help us allot!

no updates per se, i’m afraid! But the issue is still on the table and being discussed. We can definitely let you know if there are any changes!