Build fails from webhook (storyblok) but works if I clear cache and deploy manually

I have a SSG Nuxt 3 project that is connected to a CMS (Storyblok). Netlify App

Until recently all builds were fine, now all of a sudden build fails when triggered by Storyblok webhook.
From the errors it occurs during the prerendering phase.

However if I clear cache and retry the failed build, it works. (sometimes it takes 2 retries for it to work)
Could it be a timeout or caching issue?

Failed build: Netlify App

Successful build: Netlify App

Steps I have done:

  • deleted and reinstalled package-lock and node modules
  • re-linked the repo
  • added &clear_cache=true param to webhook

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Problem solved - it was rate limit issue.