Build fails consistently with message "Failed to download ...\image.png"

Site name: courageous-meerkat-1e4fa7
Build problem “Error to download image” exact errors:
UNHANDLED REJECTION Failed to download after 3 attempts
WorkerError: Failed to download after 3 attempts

I removed this image, it started failing on another image.
I’ve been working to solve this problem for several days. Finding nothing helpful on the internet.


@nickguner You’ve not provided any details for “what you’re working with”, so I can only speak generally.

If I visit the URL for the WordPress site you’ve linked I can see the image and site don’t exist.

It stands to reason that if your build contains references to images on that site, and it needs those images for the build to run successfully, but the site/images don’t exist, that it’s not going to work.

I’d imagine you should change your build so it’s not reaching out to retrieve files that don’t exist.

The issue @nickguner is that is NOT a resolvable address.

There are absolutely zero DNS records associated with the nickguner subdomain of

Suggest you reach out to Flywheel as this is most certainly not an issue with Netlify.