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Build failing with few details: "The build failed because the process exited too early."

Hello I’m looking for some help here. How can I get more information about why my build failed? Is there a way to narrow down the cause.

12:39:34 PM: Creating an optimized production build...
12:44:03 PM: The build failed because the process exited too early. This probably means the system ran out of memory or someone called `kill -9` on the process.
12:44:04 PM: error Command failed with exit code 1.

Build: Netlify App

This is happening on all my builds now and is fully blocking my team from deploying changes. If it’s truly a memory issue is there a way to increase the memory on the machine?

Christopher Triolo

Hi @ctriolo

This URL isn’t public, so I am unable to provide any insights from the information contained within.

Quoting [Support Guide] Making sure your builds use appropriate resources for Netlify's build system

we guarantee you only 3GByte of memory and 1 CPU

You could try the steps mentioned in [Support Guide] What can I do if my build fails for memory-overallocation-related errors? as a starting point. And [Support Guide] How can I optimize my Netlify build time? is also very helpful.