Build failed due to timelimit reached

Hi everyone! I’ve been using netlify from a long time. But I’m encountering an error from past a week - TimeoutError. Please refer to build -
Earlier it was working perfectly OK around 3 months back but I’ve added some new changes for which I’m sure will not increase time limit to render a page. Can you please help how to get free from this error? Thnx

Hi @KVGarg, your build command has 15 minutes to run. I see that your most recent successful builds took between 12-14 minutes so you were already nearing that limit. If you made any additional changes then you may be hitting it now. I suggest that you work on seeing if you can shorten your build time. If that’s not an option then the only way to currently increase build times is on our Business team or above.

I will try to figure out on how I can decrease the build time. But new changes just include the change in version of django. I guess that shouldn’t give a build error. However, I will look into it on how I decrease the build time to get build pass as locally the build is getting passed. Thnx for help :slight_smile:

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