Build failed due to a user error: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 2 for Stackbit v1

I was using stakbit v1 and running few sites on netlify using different cms include contentful, github, netlifycms etc using Azimuth themes but suddenly all the websites stopped updating , i am not able to update sites or add/edit blogs or site contact. below is the log which can help you.
i am not the developer , just using gui or simple codes.

Deploy log

plus how to get rid of stackbit file or footprints.

We do not have any useful information than you have. The error is pointing to this link:

which would mean you are trying to incorrectly render a React component.

Since we cannot see your code, we cannot debug it (and it’s out of scope of Support anyways).

Thanks for the reply. i can share the repository

Hiya @ibnhabib :wave:t6:, thanks for responding with that. As Hrishikesh mentioned debugging your code is out of our scope, but perhaps someone else in the forums can help! Good luck and happy building :netliconfetti: