Build exceeded Maximum Runtime

I have the same building problem with my master production branch where build exceed maximum runtime. It doesn’t happen absolutely every single time but like 85% of the time.
Can you please increase the build runtime on the same site?
Workspace: ateliermotif-dev
Thank you in advance.

hi there @intpractice - we’d be happy to extend your build time (how high would you like us to set it?) but at the moment I see your account does not have a payment method (i.e. credit card) on file. We do need to have a payment method before we can make this change.

do let us know when you have added one, and we can get you set up!

Thanks for the quick response.
I just added a payment method to my account.
Let’s try increasing the minutes to 60 and see if this will be sufficient. Thank you!

hello again, thanks for adding that. we have bumped you up to 60 minutes for your account. enjoy!

Thanks for this perry, @perry! This worked perfect.

Hey there Netlify support. Same issue for me. Could I get a bump to 30 minutes? Site ID d97c6938-1ed3-4965-ba1d-f21d11aedb74

Hey @ashleynexvel,

The time limit has been raised.

Is there any chance it could be raised to 45 minutes?

Yup! Just bumped it again for you. Let us know how it goes!

My account also have problems with Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime, who can help me?


Could you please bump the time limit of my team’s site to 90 minutes?

Site ID: f662701f-fbf2-4e41-b736-9859a627eb56


hi there, we have upped you to 90 minutes!

Hey @perry

Thanks for the prompt reply, but I’m still getting timed out error after 50 minutes…

hi there,

thanks for checking back in! turns out, we didn’t do it quite right the first time. You should be good now! I’ve confirmed with a support engineer all your sites in that team are at 90 mins.

do let us know if you have any more problems!

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also, if our mistake puts you over your build minutes allowance, please do let me know and we can get you connected to a support engineer who can probably comp you some build minutes as this was our error and your build time is pretty long. sorry again for the trouble.

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Hi there could i get a bump on our account too? Looks like it is exceeding 30 minutes. 90 min should be fine. Site ID: 50f38690-8659-414c-b6b6-37d732263dcf

Hi, @codytaft. The limit was raised for this site to 90 minutes. I also wanted to mention that you can increase this limit without the support team’s assistance using the Netlify CLI tool and our API:

Using that support guide above will allow you to make this change yourself. You are free to ask here but if you feel comfortable using that workflow above, please feel free to do so if you don’t want to wait for us to reply.

Eventually, this setting will be available in our web UI, but the API method to make the change already exists today (before the UI update).

Thanks so much thats exactly what i was hoping for!