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Build Errors - plus the required additional characters which you can ignore

We’re getting the following build error:

9:48:31 AM: build-image version: 2cee85eb7f808bf3b6e87378c5307f9411f0a332
9:48:31 AM: build-image tag: v3.8.0
9:48:31 AM: buildbot version: d9a660540b05c414edfc0246347871ef0e3afee9
9:49:01 AM: API communication error. Canceling build.
9:49:01 AM: Finished processing build request in 30.000779707s

Hi there, glad you found us :wave: before we can help you, we need a little more information on the issues you are facing.

Please tell us:

  • what you are attempting to complete
  • the name of your build instance: “example-jones.netlify.com
  • what you have already tried
  • any error messages you have received in your terminal window or in the developer console

Additionally, if you have not already, I recommend searching our Forums and our Docs for similar issues. Here is a great Support Guide for frequently encountered problems during builds:

Thank you!

Never mind. There was a Netlify incident. The problem was resolved when the incident was resolved.

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Thank you so much for letting us know! For other folks reading this, you can follow along with our status page here: