Build errors and timing out when building remotely

@luke it worked once today so far, but now even a 2 minute build fails for timeout

I already removed all those plugins we had enabled for testing

After removing all plugins, the build still fails due to “time limit” (6m now) @luke :frowning:

Now the last possible change I thought possible was that you use this to force people into paid subscriptions, so I signed up for the PRO plan

but it still fails after 6 minutes :frowning: @luke

That and the lack of response is a frustrating afternoon indeed, and I’m going to look for hosting alternatives now

Turns out that the web build ui is broken or just terrible, as it shows

The 6 minute build time are barely 10sec on my dev machine.

This just did it via the Netlify CLI from my machine in < 1 min

netlify build
netlify deploy
netlify deploy --prod

Hey Chris,

I hope you don’t mind but I’ve split this in to its own topic :slight_smile:

Firstly, I would always recommend that you edit your original post with any additional information. We’ll always look to help customers who have been waiting the longest. The same principle applies in the Helpdesk and I can see that you have since written in to us there. Just a head’s up – you’re under no obligation to go Pro if you don’t require the additional services! Help is available for customers on all plans.

Regarding your build time limit – I could see a misconfiguration in our backend so I apologise for this. I’ve remediated this now and therefore you should be good to go, with a time limit of up to 30 minutes :tada:! If you’d like attempt another build, I’d love to see if this helps.

In your Twitter post, I can see a discrepancy between your build times locally versus remotely. I’ll share this topic again which describes why this might happen (TL:DR; your laptop/desktop probably has more resources available than our build environment) but there may be ways to improve performance!