Build error with Nextjs blog template: Can't resolve '../styles/globals.css'

I just created a new site from the Nextjs blog template and I’m having trouble when I run “npm run build”. Using the template with no modifications, I can deploy just fine, but when I run the build locally I get this error:

Failed to compile.

Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘…/styles/globals.css’ in ‘C:\Users\williamsjohn\git\nextjs-blog\pages’

> Build failed because of webpack errors

If I change the import to in pages/_app.js to ./styles/globals.css, the build works locally but fails when I deploy. The strange thing is that when I look at the deployment log, it seems to be using the exact same build command I’m running for local builds. I can work around the issue by leaving pages/_app.js alone and copying pages/styles/globals.css to styles/globals.css, but that seems pretty hacky and definitely not something I should have to do.

My site name is, and the github repo is at GitHub - johnw42/johnwillia-ms

Not sure which template you’re talking about, but a majority of the templates are not maintained by us. If this is not a Netlify template, you might want to discuss the issue with the template dev.