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Build Error – Last <script> tag gets truncated

Netlify is successfully building and deploying my site, however the last tag gets truncated.

You can see the error at www.yearofthesunrise.com

The site is being built with Hugo 0.85.0 and I have no issues when I build the site on my local machine. My first hunch was that it was a Netlify minify error, I turned off all minification options and the issue persisted.

I’m out of ideas. Any suggestions?

See end of line 604.

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 1.02.48 PM

Perhaps the same problem:

I have got the same issue all my pages have suddenly broken the script take is truncated <script

Thanks for the heads up, looks like several others are experiencing this as well.

Any ideas on if this is a netlify issue?

My hunch is yes, I made several recent deploys with no major edits and no issues, also the fact that several other people are posting about it in just the last hour.

hi all, thank you for your reports! we are aware of this issue and are investigating. more soon!

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Do you mean your deploys were good but have failed with the truncation issue - or that the issue is resolving for you,

I am finding all existing deployments - not new deploys have a truncated script tag?

Thank you for the update.

Thanks for update our production app is down.

we are on it. stay tuned!

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I found a temporary workaround:

I added 32KiB spaces to the end of all HTML files.

  1. Find the largest page on the website.
  2. Get the number of truncated bytes on the page.
  3. Add more whitespace than truncated bytes to the end of the file.

thanks for your patience, everyone.

we have found the source of the error and are working on a repair. As a temporary fix, please trigger redeploy - that should resolve the problem. if it does not, please let us know right away!

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please comment here - i am closing individual threads so we are not talking in multiple places at once. thank you!

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