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Build does not start

As simple as that, Netlify build is stuck on “Build ready to start”

Full deploy log:

10:39:35 AM: Build ready to start

It’s a fresh project and we had 2 successful deploys (@9.15 & @10.11) but now it gets stuck (tried cancelling and restarting builds, reconnecting the Github repo, all to no avail)

Site name: prisma-apis
Domain (w/ Netlify DNS): api.prisma-safety.com
Only 8 build minutes used this billing period
No other build running

Issue appears on multiple sites now (see comment)


Solved?: Triggered a redeploy from Github (pushed to main) and now it built successfully…

Edit: The issue now appeared on another site (name: prisma-safety / domain: www.prisma-safety.com), with the same manifestations (11:32:23 AM: Build ready to start)

Edit2: Like I said in another comment, if you leave it alone for a couple of minutes it will eventually deploy

I’ve been getting the same issue for the past week now, it just appeared again.

It’s not a permanent issue, cancelling the build and starting it again solves the issue, it just seems like Netlify hangs from time to time.

This is something new. What’s up with that? :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Edit: To be fair, I don’t usually hang around the Netlify panel to see my builds get buildt, so I can’t determine exactly how many times this happen, but I’ve seen it now for the third time this last week.

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Yup, very weird, and on one build after like 6-7 minutes it actually began deploying :slight_smile:

I had an incomplete build this morning, where HTML files weren’t built (my repo hadn’t changed since the previous build) so not sure what happened here. And now builds are stuck on “Ready to Start” every time I try to redeploy this morning.

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My builds this morning all been stuck on “Ready to start”. Cancelling deploy and retrying doesn’t change either :frowning:

Hi all,

Could you please share the deploy ID of the deploys not working? Would like to investigate this for you.

Same here, this is the deploy id of the current build that is stuck: 616ab6d9fe4d441812475155

Hi all,

Could you please confirm if you’re still seeing this issue? We’ve possibly fixed something that could have caused this, so please let us know if you’re still seeing it.

EDIT: Statuspage post here: Netlify Status - Builds did not start

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Sorry for the late response, but yup, in the last couple of hours everything worked perfectly