Browser Reload Problem

I’m totally new to netlify. I developed an SSR web site with Nuxt.js at frontend. Nodejs on backend on deployed seperately. link:
everything is good going on development mode. But when I tried to deploy it for production, the site goes down when user reload from browser.
I’m at a loss for 3 days about how to solve this problem and can’t even figure out what is causing this problem. Any suggestion will help me a lot.
Sorry for my bad English.

@Mohammad_Abir_Hassan Welcome to the Netlify community.

I’m not seeing this behavior when I visit your site from Southern California.

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@gregraven Thanks a lot for looking at it. But actually, it was my fault for not being able to explain the problem properly. Let’s say upon selecting one product view from my web site the data regarding the product is showing.
it is working. But when I reload from browser from the same page, an extra “/” is added before the query and the whole page goes like this image below

It’s like as if the axios is not making any get request to get data from the backend like it does.
I tried preventing the use of Pretty Url provided by Netlify, but the result stays the same. That’s when I found that the problem is with Browser reload, not url. Also after once it got down, several other functions start malfunctioning, e.g., nuxt-link go to login page even though user is logged in.
sorry for long explanation and bad english. If possible, can I get any suggestion?

Hi, @Mohammad_Abir_Hassan. When I click around your application I can see that the URL which updates in the address bar isn’t happening because a new URL is loaded. Instead, I’m seeing the site javascript making API calls and re-rendering the page.

Based on this, it looks like this site uses “client side routing” or is a “single page application”. Sites with this design often require a special redirect rule. This redirect rule will send all site traffic to the “single page” which handles all the client side routing for the site. There is a support guide about this here:

If there are questions about creating that rule and/or if the rule doesn’t resolve the issue, please let us know.

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