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Broken link in deployment failure message: available software

When deploying a new site based on an existing site, with an old runtime.txt there is an error message for setting the Python version.

12:50:42 PM: Error setting python version from runtime.txt
12:50:42 PM: Please see https://github.com/netlify/build-image/#included-software for current versions

The link GitHub - netlify/build-image: This is the build image used for running automated builds is broken, and doesn’t point to the list of included software. The correct link is build-image/included_software.md at focal · netlify/build-image · GitHub

It’s been broken for quite a long time, but since it only shows up when you build a new site off an old site I guess very few people actually see it. But every time I see it I think "I really must tell them… " so finally I’m doing it :smiley:

Hey @mfitzp,


moment for us.

I just noticed it myself today and filed 2 PRs:

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