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Break the link to GitHub

I have been experimenting with GitHub and have accidently created a link to my old web site. The result is that I am getting a message site cannot be reached. I could reload Netlify with my latest web site but I am concerned that it would simply replace it with the GITHub version as its set to continuous deployment, how do I break the link to GitHub as I no longer want to use it.
My web site is www.BalderstoneBadmintonClub.co.uk

Hey there, @Rod_C :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums, and thanks for reaching out! To clarify, are you trying to disconnect a github account and reconnect a different one?

If so, you can try the following steps:

  1. Unlink the account here: Netlify App .
  2. Log out of the wrong github account on the github site
  3. Log in to the correct github account
  4. Once active in the correct account, link again

Let me know if that works!

Thanks Hillary for your prompt reply. I had fixed the web site by re-deploying an old deploy. I was worried that it would automatically revert back to the github site which I didn’t want. Your link to my profile showed me that the GitHub is not connected so all should be well. I was experimenting to see if using GitHub would be easier for amendments than uploading and deploying but couldn’t figure it out. Decided to give up and stick with what I know. That was the plan but for some reason localhost will not open on PC but that is another problem.

Thanks one again.


Rodney Collins


Further to my earlier reply how do I get rid of the following so I can see my deployment history from Netlify

Settings for stupefied-mestorf-18ecc1


Deploys from GitHub. Owned by Balderstone.

What exactly?

Also, from the text posted above, it does appear you’re trying to deploy from GitHub.


I was trying to see if I could amendment my Netlify site by using GitHub to save uploading files and deploying. As I could not make that work I wanted to remove all mention of GitHub from my account, when I click on sites I have the following screen which states deploys from GitHub. How do I remove that so that it only shows Netlify.


Rodney Collins

I’ve unlinked that website from your GitHub. Is that what you were asking for?


That’s perfect thanks for the prompt resolution.


Rodney Collins

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