Branch Subdomain

I’m trying to use the branch subdomain feature using netlify dns. My site name is but I have the custom domain

I was using namecheap dns setting and I switched to netlify dns to create a blog subdomain. I built the branch and all the setting appear to show that the subdomain should be working. But it’s been almost a day and when I try to access, there seems to be nothing there.

This is a screenshot of my DNS panel

I’ve checked the build and the branch built successfully and I can even access it at but I need to access it at and I need that domain to be secure. Any help would he appreciated Thanks!

Hi, @amit. If the automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are ever not in sync with the domain names added to a site, please click the “Renew certificate” button on the SSL settings panel (found at Site Name > Settings > Domain management > HTTPS). For this site that button can be found here:

  • Note, the site subdomain is no longer sad-shirley-ae97aa, as this was changed after this post was made.

When I clicked this button the certificate updated to be a wildcard certificate so it covers all subdomains of the apex domain and SSL is working for the blog subdomain now.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.