Branch subdomain on NetlifyDNS are not working (But preview does)

Recently switched on NetlifyDNS to be able to change my sites names when i need to without DNS issues but i actually can’t see my sites on branch domains. Accessing <branch>--<site-name> works fine but <branch>.<domain> doesn’t redirect anything

Both on and

Hi, @Sceat, yes, we are tracking an open issue where sites with custom domains which are subdomains of a root domain are not getting the SSL certificate updated to cover the branch subdomain.

If you see this again, please make a new topic in #admin asking us to correct it. Our support team has a workaround to correct the SSL certificate until the issue is fixed.

When I say "subdomains of a root domain " I mean custom domains like and not where the branch subdomain will be something similar to

I see sidy-resident is already updated and I just corrected sidy-business now. If this need to be done for any other sites, please reply here (or make a new topic in #admin).

Hey there! We’re pleased and happy to let you know that we took care of the bug that initially created these problems :tada:

If you need anything else relating to this, please let me know!