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Branch not appearing

Hi, I only see the following 3 branches:

However, I don’t see this one: ( http://develope.nikoskatsikanis.com )

The other ones work fine, ie http://learn.nikoskatsikanis.com


Hi @QuantumJS

Under the Build & deploy > Branches setting of your site do you have All or Let me add individual branches selected? If the latter, is develope listed as one of the branches?

If this checks out, under Deploys do you see a successful deploy for this branch?

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All is selected, Ill push another commit , see if anything happens

ok I saw it there,
It works thanks

Also I want to deploy this branch as a test of my master branch before releasing, is there a netlify.toml that I can use for both so I don’t have to update it?

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If you have a branch deployed, if you are happy with it, from the Netlify UI you can choose Publish deploy and that will go to the main site and remain on the subdomain. (I did this testing an update as a new branch pushed to a subdomain, and when I was happy published that to the main domain.)

Or push the develope branch to master/main branch in git and a new build will take place.

not sure I get you on the first part.


Production is deployed, then Branch deploy which was a subdomain (<branch-name>.example.com).

Once I was happy with the branch deploy hit the Publish deploy button and it went to production.

Only thing is, if you push a change to your master branch, that would of course trigger a new build unless you locked the deploy.

Hope that makes a little more sense.