Branch deploy URLs are not found (404)

Site API ID: ba50a91f-a31c-42d5-8b7f-7250bc446beb

The deploy url matches the expected url based on the value I pass into --alias but going to it just shows

Not found - Request ID: 5906c6b3-65fb-4f46-8784-ca11f629e4d1-185275

If I click into the deploy row and click the “preview deploy” button, I get a different URL which works (looks like it contains a sha).

If you click here:

You’d get the actual URL of the branch. Note, in your case, the text should show branch-deploy.

Hi, @stakinganalytics. The behavior you are seeing is a bug. There is an issue filed for it here:

The --alias setting being used has “/” characters in it and those are not allowed characters for subdomains.

The only workaround at this time is to manually change those strings to hostname safe strings before passing them to the --alias option.

Awesome, thanks!

FYI the branch name was automatically generated by NetlifyCMS which I know is not directly related to Netlify (right?) but / is pretty common to have in a branch name, and further highlights the confusion between --alias and the deprecated --branch that I brought up in Using `--alias` is deploying to production! (without --prod) - #5 by stakinganalytics