Bradning the Netlify Identity Widget Popup

Hello Community.

I have been trying to brand the Netlify Identity widget popup for our website.

So based on earlier discussions here and also the awesome Blog Posts on Netlify, I downloaded the Widget from the Github repo here - GitHub - netlify/netlify-identity-widget: A zero config, framework free Netlify Identity widget.

I tried out changing the CSS and it does work when I try changing the background colors to go with the website. However, I am unable to add a logo onto the popup.

So I searched and found that there have been requests for the same sometime in 2017 ref. the thread here - Add site's brand mark · Issue #15 · netlify/netlify-identity-widget · GitHub and here - Add custom logo support · Issue #80 · netlify/netlify-identity-widget · GitHub. And the thread was marked as closed (the 15th one).

When I run the popup on my local system with its default version (without changing any css or codes), I do not see any logo on the Popup (and so is the thing on the actual popup - no logos)

On the src/components/modal/index.js - there is a mention of (and we do have some SVG for the className netlifyLogo on src/components/modal.css) - but that never shows up on the Popup.

So my Question is - Can we add a logo onto the popup ?
If so - 1. What should be the location of the Logo and
2. How do we get that working/show up.

Thank you people for being there for people like me who get stuck and find no other place to go for a solution.


Unfortunately, modifying the library is not something we can provide support with, but personally, I’d recommend using GoTrue JS or a solution like this: Examples of Netlify Identity w/o the widget to build a UI yourself.