Both the dev and production build of my Vue app work great locally, but then a null error gets thrown when interacting with deploy preview site

Link to deploy preview:

Link to github branch for this deploy preview: GitHub - OmarB97/trynano at server-integration

Screenshot of the error:

I did a preview deploy of my site (using a separate branch and submitted a PR for merging to master which triggers the preview deploy) which works well in local dev state and also build for production and running locally, but when I do a deploy preview and you do the first click on the dropdown, it stops working the same and throws a null error (???), which I was not seeing at all before and is really hard to debug because of all the webpack stuff.

It happens I think at the same time that my code is also trying to do a google recaptcha generate token and also a axios GET http request from my AWS Lambda sitting behind an API Gateway, so maybe those things are related, I have no clue.

I checked the env variables on netlify and they all are there and they match, so I would be surprised if that’s the issue. I also did the “Deploy without restrictions” as the Sensitive Variable Policy to see if it would help, and it didn’t unfortunately.

Does anyone know what’s going wrong here? I’ve been racking my brain trying to fix this but haven’t come up with anything. Thanks!

I only get this:

when I click on use faucet. The progress doesn’t seem to end, probably because of the errors in the console.

This is an accidental duplicate post. I solved the issue, it was because I didn’t whitelist the domain in the google recaptcha settings

@OmarB97 , thank you for following up and sharing your solution. It will help future community members if they encounter a similar scenario. :netliconfetti: