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BooGi Repo Netlify Deploy Failure

Hi Everyone,
I tried deploying (BooGi repo)[GitHub - filipowm/BooGi: Generate GitBook-like modern docs/tutorial websites using Gatsby] on Netlify using Deploy on Netlify button in readme.md as well seperately from GitHub Repo, but am getting build failure error.

Complete BooGi Netlify Deployment Error Log.txt

Netlify Site Domain: Netlify App

I am unable to understand what is wrong here. I also tried importing code in zip format after unzipping, but still getting same error. Please let me know if anything is missing/ wrong from my side.

Sourabh Lonikar

Hey @sourabhlonikar

I was able to get around the gyp issue by setting the NODE_VERSION environment variable to v14.17.5 (Site Settings > Build & Deploy > Environment.) I am sure there are other solutions, but I haven’t found them yet.

The build still failed however for a different reason

error "gatsby-plugin-mdx" threw an error while running the onCreateNode lifecycle:

See how you go

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Thanks for trying. I will also check it out.