Bogus Short Messages for Forms that bypass Spam Filters

Our website has been receiving a lot of form submissions that are one word or a few characters that are able to bypass Netlify’s spam filters and are marked as verified. We are wondering if there is any way we can add a filter to mark messages with less than say 10 characters as spam?

hi there, welcome.

we can likely make some recommendations if you tell us more about your site. What sort of spam detection are you already using - there are a couple of different possible approaches.

For reference:

Picking this back up because I am having the exact same issue. On multiple sites I have hosted on Netlify, I receive spam messages of one word random nothings that easily bypass the spam filtering. I have enabled the honeypot field but because these messages are not verifiable ‘spam’ they don’t get caught. Anyone else having this problem other than the OP and I? Netlify, what can we do to fix it?

hey there, I am closing this thread as I posted a suggestion on your other one :slight_smile: