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Blog. redirected to www.blog


After reading the documentation and checking the set up I cannot figure out why my site it’s been redirected from blog. to www.blog.

The site is blog.roomolo.com and get’s redirected to www.blog.roomolo.com.

I am using external DNS configuration, as follows:

blog.roomolo.com. 1882 IN CNAME roomolo-blog.netlify.app.
roomolo-blog.netlify.app. 19 IN A
roomolo-blog.netlify.app. 19 IN A

When I access https://blog.roomolo.com all I get is a 301 to https://www.blog.roomolo.com/

Many thanks

@roomolo-dev Welcome to the Netlify community.

What are your settings in Domain Management -> Domains -> Custom Domains?

You should have blog.roomolo.com set as your primary domain, with the www version redirecting to that.

Hi, many thanks for your prompt reply.
Indeed I do have blog.roomolo.com set as primary, although I do not have a www entry.

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Did you have a fix on this issue? Facing same issue but no response from anyone.

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Really useful thread. Right now I`m solving this problem.:grinning: