Blog post didnt work: How to Deploy the Qwik JavaScript Framework

Followed the blog tutorial, from the start it was off as it seems qwik cli set up didn’t include the server option. Basically just added the netlify.toml file and connected the netlify cli, plus moved over a DNS domain I had. The project is basically a test skeleton for deployment, But getting 404

There doesn’t seem to be any index.html in your deploy: Netlify App

Not sure what you’re building, but without an index.html, this would not work on Netlify.

There is no index.html file in Qwik projects. I ran into this issue and to resolve it you need to add an adaptor. You can refer to this example qwind/adaptors/static at main · onwidget/qwind · GitHub.

In your project run npm run qwik add and select the static site adaptor. It will generate an adaptors folder, a static folder in the adaptors folder and a vite config file. Update the url in the vite config file to your domain. You can also refer to this GitHub - onwidget/qwind: 💠 A template to make your website using Qwik + Tailwind CSS. for an example. Static Site Generation Config - Qwik.

This post, How to Deploy the Qwik JavaScript Framework | Netlify, should be updated to include this information.

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Hi! @bjones :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! Thank you for letting us know of the workaround that you used to resolve this issue. We really appreciate the feedback.

Unfortunately we don’t update blog posts, but I will pass the feedback onto the team. Perhaps a support guide might be more beneficial as we update and review them quite frequently.