Blank website for

My site is deployed on custom domain and it works perfectly fine. I was trying to add a route to but opening this just gives a blank page with the following error:

Failed to load module script: Expected a JavaScript module script but the server responded with a MIME type of "text/html". Strict MIME type checking is enforced for module scripts per HTML spec.


  1. I get a complete blank page when I go to
  2. The code (at least the structure) is very very similar for but this works fine
  3. Once I open and then try to open it also fails to open
  4. works
  5. all other URLs work with and without www

I am building my project with vite build, my publish directory is dist.

import React from 'react'
import { BrowserRouter as Router, Route, Routes } from 'react-router-dom'
import { Sapienpage, Homepage, Blogpage } from './components'

const App = () => {
  return (
              <Route path="/" element={<Homepage />} />
              <Route path="/sapien" element={<Sapienpage />} />
              <Route path="/blog" element={<Blogpage />} />

export default App

This is how I access my blog page and sapien page.

Hi @kamathsutra,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

I’m unable to reproduce the issue, were you able to fix it?

Visiting and then going to the blog is resolving properly:

Same if I go to and then blog, or if I go directly to

Hey Melvin, that’s very strange, I’m seeing a blank page.

Have not been able to solve it yet :confused:

If you clear out your browser cache or try from a different browser/network, do you have the same issue?

It is indeed fixed by using a different browser, however I have one specific PC where it is not opening… very strange. Anyways, thanks for confirming that its working on your end too. I think we can close this issue.