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Blank Screen in everywhere after React web app deploying

My react app worked well on my local machine, but after deploying on netlify, it only shows blank background color. What is the problem?
But, although I can only see the blank screen with the background color I chose for the app, I can still see the webpage on my local machine. But with incognito mode in my local machine and any other places, it just shows blank screen with background color.
What should I check to fix this issue?

You’d have to share your website URL or the source code (repo).

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Somehow, I fixed it. I tried many things and not sure which one fixed the issue or even I really did have the deploy issue because I figured out that my app needs so much memory so it might have been just loading issue because of that memory problem. I felt so stupid ^^;; Anyway, it works now and I am so glad. Thanks,

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Hello !

My website : https://loving-franklin-816bfd.netlify.app/

The site has been deployed fine but white screen is coming, can you help?

Hi @ayushi

The issue is all your paths are referencing /react-sql-editor/, e.g.

<link rel="icon" href="/react-sql-editor/favicon.ico"/>
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Thankyou deployed successfully now !