Blank page on mobile after successfull deployment

Hey all,

My first time deploying on Netlify and it was successfully deployed!

My website on Desktop is live and well, all functionalities and routing works.

Issue is on mobile, it only loads a blank page???

pls hAlp.

hi @chungleee, which site is this concerning?

hi @perry, here is the website

on mobile, i tested on Brave, Chrome and Firefox but no luck, just blank page.

hey there, i get a blank page on chrome on my work machine (windows), and the following JS errors:

Can you link or paste your most recent deploy log, please?

hey @perry

I think I might have fixed the issue now thanks to your screenshot.

Prior to my changes, it worked on desktop on macOS but not mobile.

After tweaking redux dev tools in my code, i redeployed and it now works on both desktop and mobile!

Could you do me a favor and see if it works on your windows machine?

sure does, leon! good work!