Bisect(ish) tool to track down bug introduction from deploy history

Just had a thought for a potentially valuable feature related to the historical deploys kept in netlify sites. Sometimes a bug may go unnoticed for a long while, so then difficult to track down when it was first introduced and the code changes made.

Similar to Git Bisec it would be handy to have some tool to quickly be able to jump back and forward in the history of deployment to do manual tests to see if the bug is present or not till finally narrowing down which version it first appeared.

I’m not sure if I understand this request. You can already do this by checking each deploy’s permalink until you find the issue. Could you share how exactly you imagine this would work?

I picture it being a little helper/toolbar type thing. Where it will load an earlier deployment with the option to confirm if this version is good or bad. It will then take you back and fourth in the history of the deployments to help narrow down which deploy/commit the bug was first introduced.

Rather than having go back one by one, this could be a quicker approach.

I’m still failing to see how this is an improvement from what’s already there. Maybe it saves you a few clicks, but the effort to gain ratio doesn’t justify this in my personal opinion. I’ll still file this, but I can definitely say this won’t be picked up or considered for a long time (if at all).